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H L Longhorn Complete Dispersal Sale

October 7th
1238 N Ranch Rd. 1673
Stonewall, TX


Welcome to HL Longhorns

Located in Texas Hill Country

HL Longhorns is located in the heart of the Texas wine country. After purchasing in 1995, I found out I needed an ag exemption. Cattle were purchased quickly the last week of December 1995. There was one longhorn in the group of ten. Two years later I attended the Eddie Wood sale in Fort Worth, and my "cow habit" started. These animals are a pleasure to own. The McCombs Sale has had a big influence on the quality of the herd. I also have longhorns with Chap & Ethel Hutcheson of HH Cattle Company.  HL is a breeding program based on constant improvement, better bulls, and genetically superior foundation cows. 

Visit the Texas Hill Country to see the cows and winery anytime.

"Buy the ones you like, you are the one who gets to enjoy them." - Colonel Eddie Woods


BBR Rawhide has been on the bottle of Becker Wine since 2004 which means he has appeared on more than 1/4 million bottles!